How to transport roller blinds safely

By | January 10, 2017

Transporting roller blinds isn’t an easy job. Not only do you have to ensure that they keep their form and aren’t bent or broken, but you also have to transport multiple components when you haul them from city to city. As always, we’re taking another opportunity to look at the logistics behind a variety of different industries in Australia, and today, we’re looking at the interior design industry and how logistics specialists transport roller blinds from place to place. If your company is currently being contracted to move supplies for a company in the interior design business, pay close attention, as this article will help you in your work.

We spoke to the local interior design experts at Interior Illusions as we wrote this article, and Paul from the company was more than willing to share his perspective with us, “If you’re going to be transporting blinds or any other supplies for an interior design company, you need to keep to their schedule and recognize that they need to be a reliable provider for their clients,” Paul adds, “This is why it’s so important to keep an open line of communication with your interior design client as a logistics contractor. If the blinds show up to the job late, then it makes the company look bad. You want to make sure everything is on time so companies like ours can continue to provide service unhindered.”

Interior Illusions Melbourne and thousands of other similar providers across the country depend on fast and thorough logistics contractors to deliver their supplies on-time. Some of the goods you’ll be working with are fragile if you ever have the opportunity to work for a similar company, so your company should pay close attention to the needs of your clients. Everything must be loaded onto the moving truck carefully and must be insulated against damage.

Tune in next week when we cover another unique industry in Australia!

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