How to correctly lift heavy items, advice from a Chiropractor

By | December 11, 2016

In order to prevent long and short-term injury to the spine and the other joints in the body, it’s important to learn how to properly lift heavy items. One of the most common mistakes made by the average person is improper form when handling inordinately heavy objects. This is a common problem for workers in the shipping and logistics industry, and when we spend years or decades without lifting with the proper form, we end up with chronic pain from handling packages for clients without lifting with the right muscles.

Rather than give you anything but the best advice, we turned to a qualified Chiropractor to get more information, “To avoid compressing your spine or putting a lot of strain on your lower back, you should always stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart, with your dominant foot slightly in front of the other foot,” Rachel explained, “When you’re lifting, keep good posture, squat down, and slowly lift up the object by straightening your knees and hips rather than your back. Also, remember not to twist your body as you’re lifting heavy objects, as this could cause some damage. Always practice these techniques.”

For any workers who do a lot of heavy lifting in the logistics industry, Randall’s tips are invaluable, “When you’re setting the object down after carrying it, ensure that you set it down carefully and you squat down using only your knees and hips. When you’re carrying the object, use small steps to change direction and keep your hips in line with your shoulders as you move the object.” Another good tip that Randall gave us was that heavy objects should never be lifted above the shoulder level, meaning all heavy objects that you’re carrying should be below your shoulders.

If you’re already suffering from years of damage as a result of heavy lifting, ensure that you keep your inflammation low whenever you get a flare-up. Having cold packs on hand is essential for treating any swelling of the knees or the spine. Likewise, you should schedule an appointment with a specialise like a chiropractor in order to reduce chronic pain. In logistics, workers are known to work intensely for long hours on the go, so it’s important that anyone working in the industry maintains their good health as much as possible to avoid long and short-term industry and reduce chronic pain.

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