How a Sydney construction company delivers office fitouts in under 2 months, safely!

By | December 11, 2016

The work that goes into transporting and setting up office fit outs and office partitions is mind-boggling. It’s something most people don’t normally put a lot of thought into, but setting up a corporate office and getting it all fitted out with the best possible furnishings and workspaces can be very difficult. Whether we’re talking about a small business or a large corporate office, a lot of work goes into the delivery and setup of these pieces. While many of the fixtures can easily be broken down and transported, others have to be hauled in, in large segments before being bolted down or secured to the floors with another method.

We spoke to James from Sydney Interiors. Sydney Interiors are a commercial office fit out company based in Sydney with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the subject, “The average office fitout job will be done in a couple of weeks, with the biggest, longest jobs taking up to two months at most,” James explained, “We work closely with our clients and find out what they need, then we work with logistics companies to get each piece deployed to their location as soon as possible so that our professionals can go to work getting everything installed properly.”

During the conceptualisation stages of any office fit out work, a company will typically ask you about your growth plans, or how much your company is expecting to grow within 5 to 10 years, as this will allow you to plan your office out for the future. Lease expiry, mergers and acquisitions, changes in business location, and your industry’s unique circumstances are also taken into consideration when you work with one of these companies. The best among them will be very thorough, learning the ins and outs of your business before performing the delivery and installation.

“There are a lot of different companies in Sydney specialising in this kind of work, and it takes a lot on the logistical side of things to get everything moved.” James emphasised the importance of how good logistical planning helps his company give their customers faster, better service.

Whether you’re running an office fit out and interior design firm in the metropolitan area, or your business is a smaller, family-owned operation,  like Sydney Interiors, you should put a lot of consideration into the logistical aspects of your company in order to maximise profits and better server your customers with the service that they deserve.

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