3 logistical challenges every Removalist faces when travelling interstate

By | December 4, 2016

As anyone with extensive experience in the field of logistics knows, it can really get overcomplicated quickly. A lot of thought goes into moving homes and businesses across the country. Australia is a vast nation, and the fact that our country has a very harsh climate and a lot of land to cover means that we really need to plan journeys out carefully when it comes to transporting personal belongings across hundreds of miles.

Recently, we interviewed Albert from Bmoved, an Interstate Removalist Adelaide company specializing in removals across state lines, “There are many considerations you need to take into account when you’re moving a client’s stuff across the country. For example, you need to think about how you’re going to protect their stuff from the weather.” This company uses environmentally-controlled trucks to protect a client’s personal belongings against inclement weather, moisture, and extreme heat, and bumps in the road, “Keeping everything well-insulated is important, especially since the weather can change suddenly when traveling on the road.”

Time is also a factor, especially if you’re helping a business move to another location in the country, “Timelines are really crucial,” says Albert, “We want to make sure that everything’s ahead of schedule if possible, but obviously that isn’t always achievable due to road traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.” Albert further explains, “I think this lesson can be applied to any business, and that is to give estimates with a bit of flexibility and breathing room to avoid making your clients upset should something go wrong.”

Indeed, these lessons can be applied to any business that deals with logistical operations. Albert elaborates on one final point: “If you’re going to do [logistics] right, then you need to think about what methodology is best for organizing information so that it’s easy to record and easy to access later on. Personally, we use Evernote on our mobile devices to keep track of clients and inventory.”

Take these lessons and apply them to your own business!

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