Why roof ventilation is key to cutting your energy bill

If your company is already spending enough like things on shipping, you may want to consider cutting costs in other areas you haven’t examined. For example, you might consider adding ventilation to your roofing in order to cut down on energy costs, which can dramatically reduce the amount of money your company has to spend per annum on energy. Installing vents in the attic actually helps regular the climate of your business or residential location, keeping it cool during the summer while trapping in heat during the cooler months. Installing these yourself is possible, but as with all things covered on this blog, we’d recommend calling in the professionals.

We asked a little more about the energy saving features of roof ventilation by speaking to Dennis from Genesis Roofing a Perth Roof Ventilation Expert, “I’m surprised that more people don’t know about the costs you can save by keeping your property well ventilated,” Dennis explained, “It’s something that a lot of businesses overlook, and it’s relatively easy to install good ventilation in the attic. You can save yourself a lot of money by spending less on heating and air conditioning, and since our country has a lot of varying weather, it’s a great investment for anyone looking to cut costs for their business in the long term.”

We did a breakdown of the costs and found out that the majority of Australian companies aren’t paying attention to their energy bills as much as they should. While some companies have taken measures like switching over to solar energy to power their business locations, good ventilation is often an overlooked aspect of any company’s energy plan, and it can save your business a lot of money.

When it comes to logistics, we’re all about maximizing efficiency for minimal cost, and that philosophy applies to everything else just as well.

Supply chain logistics for slate roofing companies based in Australia

Today, we’re taking a look at the interesting logistics behind Australia’s slate roofing industry, which is growing year by year. Because the material is highly desired for its beauty and hardiness, the market is constantly growing for both commercial and residential applications. We briefly interviewed Damian Hand about the process of acquiring materials for his company, Mr. Shingles a Sydney slate roofer, “We acquire all of our slate from the highest-quality dealers who draw from various mines across Australia and other countries. Depending on the color, texture, size, and style you want, it might be from our country or from another country. As an example, Welsh variants are highly desired.”

Purchasing and transporting the material is a job in and of itself, and roofers like Damian spend a lot of time hunting down the best resellers of the finest slate tiles for roofing. It has been used in some capacity for all of human history, whether as a building material or as a tool. In the purview of roofing, it makes an excellent material and can last over a century if properly maintained.

While it is a hardy material, it needs to be transported to ensure that no cracks or imperfections develop along the way that would make it undesirable on the market. A trucker specializing in the transport of slate and other minerals told us, “We are really careful about loading and offloading it, and we secure it tightly whenever we’re planning on moving it.”

Impervious to moisture and highly resistant to pests, it is one of the best building materials out there for home and commercial use, and is strikingly beautiful when paired with a variety of different design schemes, dignifying any home it adorns. On top of that, it’s ecologically sound, requiring less replacement than any other form of tiling or shingle. Shingles comprise a huge portion of the planet’s landfills, considering the fact that most people have their roofing replaced every six or seven years. As such, choosing something with more longevity helps directly reduce your company’s or home’s carbon footprint!

3 logistical challenges every Removalist faces when travelling interstate

As anyone with extensive experience in the field of logistics knows, it can really get overcomplicated quickly. A lot of thought goes into moving homes and businesses across the country. Australia is a vast nation, and the fact that our country has a very harsh climate and a lot of land to cover means that we really need to plan journeys out carefully when it comes to transporting personal belongings across hundreds of miles.

Recently, we interviewed Albert from Bmoved, an Interstate Removalist Adelaide company specializing in removals across state lines, “There are many considerations you need to take into account when you’re moving a client’s stuff across the country. For example, you need to think about how you’re going to protect their stuff from the weather.” This company uses environmentally-controlled trucks to protect a client’s personal belongings against inclement weather, moisture, and extreme heat, and bumps in the road, “Keeping everything well-insulated is important, especially since the weather can change suddenly when traveling on the road.”

Time is also a factor, especially if you’re helping a business move to another location in the country, “Timelines are really crucial,” says Albert, “We want to make sure that everything’s ahead of schedule if possible, but obviously that isn’t always achievable due to road traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.” Albert further explains, “I think this lesson can be applied to any business, and that is to give estimates with a bit of flexibility and breathing room to avoid making your clients upset should something go wrong.”

Indeed, these lessons can be applied to any business that deals with logistical operations. Albert elaborates on one final point: “If you’re going to do [logistics] right, then you need to think about what methodology is best for organizing information so that it’s easy to record and easy to access later on. Personally, we use Evernote on our mobile devices to keep track of clients and inventory.”

Take these lessons and apply them to your own business!

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